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Insurances for customers

Construction insurances

In a construction, conversion or renovation project, lots of damage can occur.

During the construction work, it is not uncommon to encounter damage caused by a storm or fire, cracks in the neighbouring building, theft of construction equipment, or water infiltration.

Once the work is completed, there may still be problems such as damp walls in the basement, cracks in the façade or floor covering, loose tiles or water damage due to the underfloor heating.

Rest assured, with APROBAT you are well protected!


  • Your construction works monitored by specialists

    If you don’t have the time or expertise to inspect your construction works, then you can count on the reliability, know-how and experience of APROBAT’s team of engineer-technicians and employees specialised in the construction field. They will take care of everything!

  • Reduction of inspection costs

    There is no need to go through an external inspection office if the value of the building is less than EUR 5.000.000. The inspections are carried out accurately and professionally by our specialists. This concept – unique in Luxembourg – reduces costs and simplifies procedures.

  • Avoid work stoppages

    Construction insurance allows for rapid settlement in the event of a claim, since all parties involved are considered insured. In this way, any possible stoppage of your construction work is avoided and the damage is taken care of instantly.

  • Bankruptcy of the building contractor is not a problem

    With the Ten-year Civil Liability insurance you are sure to be compensated in case of damage, even if the contractor goes bankrupt.

Construction insurances

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