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easyPROTECT Accident

An accident is one of life’s risks and anyone can be a victim. Whether you enjoy sports, gardening or travelling, easyPROTECT Accident covers the small daily misfortunes that can profoundly change your life and that of your loved ones.

easyPROTECT Accident takes care of you in all circumstances:

  • while on the go (pedestrian, driver and passenger)
  • your usual activities (housework, DIY)
  • your leisure activities (holidays, non-professional sports, etc.)
  • your professional activities (optional coverage)


  • Coverage for you and your loved ones

    Customise your insurance for every family situation: singles, couples, families with/without children or single-parent families. In the “family” formula, all children living at the same address are insured up to the age of 18 (27 in the case of extended studies) at a single rate, regardless of their number.

  • In Luxembourg, Europe and worldwide

    You are covered all year round in Luxembourg and Europe, and you benefit from a territorial extend that applies worldwide for any stay of up to three months.

  • Occasional extreme sports

    Extreme sports practised occasionally are also covered (diving, bungee jumping, parachute jumping). For those who practice them more often, an extension of coverage to the year is also possible.

  • Tax deductibility

    Your easyPROTECT Accident insurance premiums are tax-deductible as special expenses (Article 111. max. EUR 672 per year).

easyPROTECT Accident

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