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Insurances for customers

Life insurances

Life insurance policies offer ideal protection against the uncertainties of life. They can offer appropriate solutions to protect your family, make your capital grow, plan your retirement or insure your mortgage.

LALUX provide a wide range of products adapted to your needs, your financial condition and your family situation.

Discover the different LALUX life insurance policies

  • easyLIFE Pension

    Save for a supplementary pension while benefiting from significant tax advantages.
    easyLIFE Pension offers 2 formulas : one with a guaranteed capital and another with the possibility to invest in investment funds.

  • easyLIFE Foresight

    Ensure the living standard of your loved ones or guarantee the continuity of your business in the event of your death.
    easyLIFE Foresight insurance is a classic preventive solution.

  • lalux-Education

    Do you consider protecting your children and insuring their future even in the event of death? With lalux-Education, you opt for an insurance endowment with a guaranteed return.

  • easyLIFE Mixed

    easyLIFE Mixed allows you to combine your savings with an ideal protection for your loved ones and allows you to benefit from tax advantages.

  • easyLIFE Invest for Future

    Are you looking for an attractive, responsible alternative that is in line with your ethical, social and environmental values?
    easyLIFE Invest for Future allows you to build up savings with the possibility of capital protection while contributing to a more sustainable world.

  • Mortgage insurance

    Primordial in the context of financing by bank loan, the Mortgage insurance allows you to protect your family from financial problems in the event of a serious situation.

Life insurances

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