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LALUX signs a collaboration agreement with Circu Li-ion

The young startup Circu Li-ion was founded in 2021 by Luxembourgers Antoine Welter and Dr. Xavier Kohll, with the vision of maximising the life cycle of each Lithium-Ion battery cell.

The company has developed an automated and scalable process that enables more than 80% of the cells in a lithium-ion battery to be reused. As a result, CO2 emissions are cut by 80%, waste is reduced and raw materials are saved. Their unique “upcycling” approach reduces CO2 emissions by -48% compared with traditional recycling methods.

With the advent of the circular economy concept, Circu Li-ion has already been able to collect a number of prizes and awards (including first prize in the Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg (CYEL 2022) competition).

The objectives of this collaboration :

  • For Circu Li-Ion: to raise its profile and be put in touch with relevant companies potentially interested in their activity.
  • For LALUX: to support an innovative local initiative that meets a growing need and falls under the theme of minimising the environmental footprint (3rd pillar of the LALUX Group’s CSR strategy).

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